Saturday, 18 October 2008

Evening all...

Having had a rather frustratingly ineffectual week I find myself in a frenzy of packing and costume-making in preparation for the events of this long anticipated weekend.

I'm off to an all girls party later this evening - obligatory risque' fancy dress. I set the precedent with my own a couple of months ago which turned rather predictably into a rapturous riot.

My choice of attire this evening is a rather gorgeous hat, a black low-cut top, a tiny black leather skirt, black hold-ups, black leather thigh-high 'fuck me' boots and a fabulous black belt which holds a truncheon, slim silver flashlight and a pair of good strong cuffs. I'll tie my hair back and apply dark, smoky eyeshadow and liner and a slick of divine glossy red lipstick to complete my dominatrix bad-cop outfit.

I will of course take a little black case with me lest anyone misbehave to the extent that I will need to reach for a crop, a paddle, a length of japanese bondage rope or PVC tape.

So, wherever you are, whatever you are doing, enjoy your Saturday night.

Just don't get up to too much mischief - I might be on patrol near you!

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Much less naughty but equally nice...

I'm hopelesly drawn to anything sparkly, silver, gunmetal grey, pale gold, sequinned, beaded or just tempingly textured and tactile.

This is a random little photo of my fingertips clutching my favourite purse...

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

My love of erotic glassware...

As you may have surmised from my photographs, I collect beautiful glassware with a passion!

I lusted after a clear glass dildo for years after seeing one in the erotic emporium that is Coco de Mer, (Monmouth Street, Covent Garden) but perceiving it to be an absolutely unaffordable luxury. After ferverent investigation I found to my rapture a stunning and affordable array online. I highly recommend Love Honey as previously mentioned and also Bondara for fabulous quality and very well priced items.

I adore the weight, smoothness and the visual appeal of clear glass. The aesthetics of the various designs make me crave them all, tempingly tactile and just begging to be covetted.
My collection now includes some beautifully crafted dildos ranging from simple to sophisticated designs including the most erotic and indulgent butt plugs!

They are perfect for massage, vaginal and anal insertion and a dream to keep clean. You can heat them up or chill them down for varying sensations, although they naturally feel cool on insertion from room temperature and warm to the heat of your body in seconds.

Although gorgeous warmed, my favourite indulgence is to fill a glass ice-bucket with ice and have them stand in there waiting their turn. The sensation for both you and your lover is amazing.

Imagine how it would feel to slide your cock into a cool, wet pussy straight after removing a beautiful ice-cold dildo. Or try teasing and titillating a slippery, lubed-up ass before sliding in a warm, sleek, frictionless dildo - feeling it's curves and undulations from inside as you slide your cock inside her cunt and take her from behind, watching and feeling the end of the plug hit against your stomach every time you thrust.

After trying to imagine it from a male perspective all I can say is that being on the receiving end of such decadent fun is rapturous and obscenely rewarding.

Sensual, sublime, elegant and exquisite.

I do love my erotic glassware, my sleek and stunning objet's d'art...

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Simply beautiful...

These are a few of my favourite things...

Cool, hard and soooo smooth...


You came into my life when I least expected it.
My curve ball.
Took me by surprise. Ill prepared. Off balance.
So much more than the tenuous thread that drew us together after so many years.

A disproportionate response from my heart, my mind, and most delightfully my body!

The immediate connection that night,
a meeting of familiarity and truth.
An unwitting abandonment to the workings of fate.

The realisation that my feelings and future were predetermined
shook my very foundations - threw me off course.

That curve ball again.

Tremors passed. Leaving in their wake the calm certainty of a future shared.
Our love, our children - inexplicably and infinitely linked.
So very happily intertwined. Irreversable.

Fate threw me a curve ball
and I caught it with both hands.